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Commissions // Open

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flat color sample.jpg

Type 1: Flat Color

  • Simple, lineart focused

  • Flat colors + Slight gradients

  • No backgrounds - flat color can be added

portrait - $50+

half-body  -  $80+

full-body - $100+


additional characters:

+the same price of a single figure added

(ex. 2 figure portrait - $100+)

prices may increase depending on factors such as details, props, intricate patterns/attire, etc.

Type 2: Character Render

  • Simple render with variation in colors and effects compared to flat color

  • Character/Figure-focused

  • No backgrounds - only flat colors and/or simple shapes can be added

portrait - $100+

half-body  -  $150+

full-body - $200+


additional characters:

+ the same price of a single figure added

(ex. 3 figure portrait - $225+)

prices may increase depending on factors such as details, props, intricate patterns/attire, etc. 

Type 3: Full Illustration

For full-scale illustration commission

  • Highly rendered and detail-oriented

  • Fit for more complicated, complex ideas, and fuller scenes 

  • Includes environmental/background features


starting from $500+

(Starting price based on close-ups

like portrait options. Price increases for

half-body and full-body)

additional characters:

+the same price of a single figure added


prices will vary in consideration of factors like levels of complexity for background, details, props, intricate patterns/attire, etc.

Individual commission prices may vary depending on their

complexity and requests




Gore, controversial genre/subjects, fetishes, NSFW/hentai, propaganda or highly political imagery,

furries, portraits of real individuals (for this if you really wish to commission for it, we can talk about it), etc.



  1. This page is for personal commissions only

  2. I own all copyright and rights to the commissioned artwork

  3. This is a digital art commission, and you will receive a digital copy (JPEG or PNG upon request) of the final work

  4. Commissions could be posted on my social media - Instagram, Twitter, etc. (It is not guaranteed that all commissions will be posted. If you do not wish for me to share your commission, please let me know ahead)

  5. You must credit me by tagging or writing my handle when posting commissioned work online

  6. You are NOT allowed to use personal commissions for commercial purposes
    You are NOT allowed to:

  • use personal commissions for commercial uses to make a profit

  • post-edit or alter the finished commission piece

  • duplicate, print, or redistribute the work in any form

  • use it as book cover(s), shirt design, logos, advertisements, stock photos, or any form of merchandise

  • use for NFTs or AI art training

You can use it for:

  • profile pics or banners on social media

  •  to decorate your home, workplace, etc. 

If you want to commission for business/commercial purposes, please let me know upfront

Artwork for commercial use will incur a higher fee


Payment methods:

Work will not begin until either partial or full payment is received

For commissions below or up to $100, I request a full payment upfront

For commissions above $100, I request half of the total upfront and the rest after the final sketch is confirmed

Accepted payments: Zelle, Paypal*, or Venmo
(For international clients outside of the USA, please let me know if these options are not available.

Wire bank transfers may be available for international clients who cannot access those options above)

*For payment methods like Paypal, fees may apply to your final price when involving currency conversion

For wire bank transfers, depending on the individual bank's terms, additional fees may incur

Payments are only accepted in USD

For clients involving currency conversions, the total price may vary ​depending on the current conversion rate

In a situation where I find myself unable to finish your commission for any reason, a full refund will be issued



  1. Work will start after the first or full payment is received (whichever applies)

  2. Rough sketch for confirmation and feedback for any changes. After confirming the final sketch (and rough color placement for full illustration style), the remaining commission fee will be paid
    Please note: You cannot make additional major revisions beyond this point

  3. When finished, high-resolution JPEG (no working files) of the final work will be sent to you

    I allow ONE minor change (simple color change or edit) upon request after sending the final version

    Additional changes  after the final image are done will result in extra fees

    Work time may vary as fast as a week to a month depending on the type of commission

How to commission:

Please send me an email with: 


  1. Commission type - Ex. Flat color - portrait, 2 figures

  2. Summary of your idea - Details regarding mood, expression, pose, composition, and attire

  3. Reference images - Minimum of 2 high-resolution (as possible) images
    Visual references only. I do not take written-only descriptions

  4. Preferred payment method



Please remember:


All payments are final


I have the right to decline any commission request

Please read these terms and conditions before proceeding to send an inquiry

..and thank you for reading!

I am so grateful for your support and interest in my work

If you got any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me :)



last updated: NOV 2022

Commission inquiry

Thank you for submitting!

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